Wines For The Festive Period
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Top 10 Wines For The Festive Period

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, crack open a cork and enjoy.

Nothing is better than finally completing all you need to do for the day and grabbing a glass and bottle of wine to chill on the couch watching whatever you like on the television.

There’s just something even more great doing it in the festive period as it’s starting to become unbearably freezing outside so you need that fire-cracked up to the max and the quilt over you.

There are just some amazing wines out there that can set the mood and we’ve delved deep to help you find the right one for you to enjoy over the holidays.

Here are the top 10 wines for the festive period.


Rustenberg Chardonnay 2019, South Africa

This elegant bottle brings flavours of fresh apricot and peach and you’ll be able to taste a hint of oak in there.

We’d recommend pairing this with a beautifully cooked turkey, your guests will love this one if they are into white wine.

(This currently retails at £10.99)


Pinot Gris 2019, Alsace, France

Let me introduce you to Pinot Gris. You will taste a lovely flavour of grapes with that ripe pair nectarine giving it a clear, fresh acidity. This would go perfectly with any food that has a spiced-edge.

(This currently retails at £7.99)


The Best English White Wine 2018

A very English wine with grapes sourced from Dorset, Hereford, Kent and even Devon. You will get an incredibly fresh and floral feel from this wine and the scent of standing in an English garden in the middle of spring-time.

(This currently retails at £10)


Prosecco Rose Brunt 2019, Italy

Now we couldn’t have a list without some Prosecco on there, could we!

This is a cool variation on the classic Prosecco we all know and love with touches of light strawberry and a creamy fizz. Beautiful stuff.

This is drier than most, so I’d say pair it with some prawn or even a cooked salmon. A bottle you must have round your Christmas table for all.

(This currently retails at £10)


Porcupine Ridge Shiraz 2019, South Africa

The winter is going to feel long and cold, so make sure you have the wine rack stacked up and here’s a perfect one to take place on there.

This is an unbelievable value for the price it currently retails at with its smoothness, you’ll wonder how it’s ever so cheap in the first place!


Vinya Carles Priorat Crianza 2017, Spain

Picture a chunky cherry mixed with black fruits wrapped in a fine tobacco spice, this is what you’ll get with this gorgeous bottle of wine.

With this kind of flavour profile, we would highly recommend pairing this with your meat. It is a wonderful combination indeed.

(This currently retails at £7.99)


Pillitteri Estates Vidal Icewine 2018, Niagara, Canada

Made in the depths of winter, this wine is made from the grapes frozen on the vine. You will be able to capture intense flavours of lemon, apples and a floral aftertaste. This goes perfectly with a side of lemon tart.

(This currently retails at £13.99 half a bottle)


Bruce Jack Chenin Blac 2020, bag-in-box

With this choice, you get two bottles worth of wine and you will also cut the carbon footprint on the glass. A win-win!

It doesn’t stop there as it’s actually a fresh flavourful wine with pineapple, crisp melon and pear all combined together. You will love this one!

(This currently retails at £10)


Vergelegen Sauvignon Blanc Fairtrade 2020, South Africa

A fairtrade wine where each sale directly helps the workers involved. This wine contains fresh passion fruit flavours and you’ll also catch a taste of zesty pineapple.

A real solid choice!

(This currently retails at £10)


Yalumba Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2019, South Australia

Last but not least in our list, we have a wine hailing all the way from South Australia, this is an easy-drinking wine with its juicy red berry flavours, you’ll also get a kick of leafy herbal notes in there.

You’ll really feel in the festive spirit with this one!

(This currently retails at £7.50)

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