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Unusual Vodka Flavours You Should Try

Vodka isn’t to everybody’s taste, but flavoured vodka is something that anybody can enjoy.

You may be familiar with lemon vodka or lime vodka, but there are plenty more vodka flavours out there for you to try.

Whether you want an exciting addition to a vodka cocktail, or to spice up your regular vodka and lemonade, flavoured vodka is the way forward.

Keep reading for some unusual vodka flavours that you need to try.


Pear And Ginger

If you fancy a fruity and spicy vodka combination, then your best bet would be pear and ginger.

There are a few vodka brands that offer this delicious combination, but Belvedere’s Organic Infusions Pear and Ginger is up there with the best.

The polish label launched their range of flavoured vodkas that are perfect for any season, so as well as the tasty pear and ginger, you could try the summery combination of lemon and basil, or their year-round favourite blackberry and lemongrass.



Ginger vodka is perfect for any season, but it’s perfect for warming your body and soul in the winter months.

Whether you fancy a bonfire night tipple next to the fire, or a glass after a long walk in the snow, ginger vodka is your best bet.

Ginger vodka is also a great addition to a Moscow Mule, combining perfectly with ginger beer and acidic lime.

There’s plenty of zest in ginger vodka, and it’s sure to leave a delicious aftertaste.

If you’re not the biggest vodka fan but love the taste of ginger, you could always try a fiery ginger malt whiskey.



Whenever you’re in the mood for a refreshing alcoholic drink, cucumber vodka and soda is always sure to quench your craving.

Cucumber vodka is particularly delicious in the summer months, although it can be enjoyed all year round. Have you ever been in a bar and asked for a stick of cucumber to your vodka? It adds something special to the mix – and cucumber vodka is the no-fuss solution.

If you’re unsure which cucumber vodka to purchase, be sure to check the reviews. You don’t want the cucumber to be too overpowering, but you still want to be able to enjoy the flavour. We recommend Effen Vodka – it’s delicious yet subtle.



If you fancy adding a bit of spice to your usual vodka beverage, why not opt for spicy vodka? Spicy vodka tastes great with fizzy mixers such as coca-cola, lemonade or soda – but also is great straight with ice.

Spicy vodka can also taste great in a variety of cocktails, making it a great cocktail base. There are spicy vodkas available that feature lime peel, chilli, jalapenos, cinnamon, and other spices sure to warm your spirit on a cold winter’s evening.

Whether you opt for a Sonoma Coast Jalapeño Lime or the Gently Spicy Vodka From California’s St. George Spirits, you’re sure to enjoy the kick that spicy vodka offers.

Wasabi vodka is also worth a mention – it can be overpowering, so if you’re not a big fan of spice, then you may prefer a fruitier flavoured vodka.



You’ve heard of coffee-flavoured chocolate, coffee cake, and coffee syrup, but did you know that you can buy espresso vodka?

If you’re a fan of coffee and a fan of vodka, you’ll love espresso or coffee-flavoured vodka. It can be the perfect addition to hot chocolate, a coffee, or even an iced coffee. However, it tastes the best when used in an espresso martini.

In the UK, your best bet would be Smirnoff Espresso Vodka (for under £20!) although there are a few other vodka brands that taste just as great.



Cranberry vodka is the perfect flavoured vodka for the winter months. Whether you enjoy it with cranberry juice, lemonade, or straight with ice, it’s sure to warm your soul over the Christmas period.



Some other vodka flavours worth a mention include pickle vodka – if you love pickles, you’ll (probably) enjoy the unique flavour or pickle vodka.

Another fun vodka flavour is glazed donut – it’s perfect for parties and other fun events.

Some companies will also create personalised vodka for you (as well as tequila, brandy, cognac, scotch, and other liqueurs).

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