Spirits To Drink This Winter
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The Most Popular Spirits To Drink This Winter

Who wouldn’t love to treat themselves with a great-tasting and comforting drink during those chilly winter evenings? Alcoholic beverages have always been known for the dose of warmth they bring to you.

Even better, when you work up a refreshing drink with some of your favourite elements combined with alcohol.

Here are some of the most popular spirits to drink this winter that are undoubtedly, going to charm up those winter months.


Espresso Martini

A perfect after-dinner concoction, Espresso Martini has got vodka and espresso, coffee liqueur and some sugar for a doze of energy and refreshment. To make the drink more authentic, garnish it with some coffee beans.

The cocktail crafted by the British bartender Dick Bradsell is popular around the world and dates back to late 1980s at Fred’s Club, London.



Here’s a drink that will make the friends and family fall in love with its tang. Snowball is a classic winter cocktail that comes together with the perfect level of sophistication. What you need to combine to whip it up is some brandy, egg, syrup and some ginger ale. Adorn the glass with a lemon slice and cherry.


Spanish Coffee

Getting all sip-ready almost effortlessly, Spanish Coffee is all about combining equal parts of rum and Tia Maria to coffee. Things get even better when you top it with a swirl of whipped cream and a cherry.

Another option is to whip the drink up using regular coffee, wherein you go for some brown sugar and a shot of espresso.

Throw in some brandy according to your taste, further heating the same and serving in a glass. Flavour the rim of the glass with orange or some powdered sugar.


Easy Rum Eggnog

If you are looking for a classic beverage, easy-to-prepare rum eggnog is the ultimate solution. Calling for no more than 5 ingredients, rum eggnog combines some rum, an egg, port wine, some nutmeg, and simple syrup. It won’t be an overstatement that this homemade rum eggnog can give most store-bought alternates a run for their money.


Hot Toddy

Some think that a toddy is only for the traditional alcohol-lovers, but it actually is a wonderful choice to kick those winter chills out of the window. Plus, it’s super easy to work up by mixing any dark liquor with some honey and boiling water. For an extra kick, you can add some winter like cloves, allspice, or cinnamon.


Hot Gin Punch

Is gin your forever favourite? You can whip up a lovely hot gin punch with any modern gin, ending up in a fruity alcoholic drink. All you need to do is simmer some water and add some lemon juice, lemon zest, and sugar to get the desired sweetness.

Add gin and two-third as much sherry once the sugar dissolves. Boil the concoction and turn off the heat, further adding a few slices of lemon. You’ll love how lemon makes the drink oh so refreshing as it cools.



Not to forget, the ever-successful bourbon is the perfect winter drink that deserves a mention on this list. Keep it simple and cherish as much of the drink you like as some neat bourbon never fails to delight.

It not only fights the cold winds, but also lets you get back to work the next day, that too with full productivity.

Whether you love some gin or simply want to go for some vodka-infused thing of perfection, this list is not going to disappoint you at all.

Simply grab your choice of spirit and turn it into a wonderful beverage with interesting flavours.

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