Does Vodka Go Bad?
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So, Does Vodka Really Go Bad?

Have you ever found yourself looking at a bottle of half empty vodka from a birthday 2 years ago thinking “I wonder if this is still good to drink”? You’re in the right place.

For the majority of people vodka is something that is only enjoyed on occasion, you’ll buy a few bottles for a party with friends and end up with just enough left in a bottle to merit keeping at the back of the cupboard.

Or you’ll buy a bottle with the intention of making jazzy cocktails but end up just having a beer or a bottle of wine to save the trouble of researching recipes and spending time chopping up a lime, leaving your vodka back in the cupboard.

As vodka is rarely drunk you can end up having a bottle for years on end and the good news is, 9 out of 10 times it will be absolutely fine.

But if you want to be sure you could pour a half empty bottle into a smaller glass bottle as the less air inside, the slower the oxidation process, which means the taste will stay good for longer.


Tips on How to Store Vodka

To keep it good, just like other alcohol you should store it in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight, standing upright to avoid any unwanted spillage. Try to keep the lid on tight and any cap changes normally won’t seal the bottle as good as the original lid. Finally, NEVER store vodka (or any other alcohol) with a bottle pourer, after using the attachment you should seal the bottle with the original cap.

If you want to serve vodka chilled, putting the bottle in the fridge the night before you drink it, or even the freezer for a couple of hours should do the trick, and don’t worry about the vodka freezing, to freeze vodka your freezer would have to be at -10 degrees F (-23 C) and most freezers are nowhere near that cold.

So by now you may be wondering how long vodka actually lasts. Vodka is an extremely stable distilled spirit, so if left unopened the vodka has an almost indefinite shelf life, for example, a vodka made in 1990 if unopened would taste almost exactly the same in 2020 as it would if you drank it in 1990.

You will have noticed I said “almost the same” that’s because no bottle is perfectly sealed, its probable that the vodka has started to slowly evaporate.

If the lid is plastic there is a good chance the taste will change over a few decades due to the chemicals leaking into the liquid from the plastic, although this is nothing to worry about, the amounts are very small and there is no health risk.

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