How to Store Wine Correctly
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Tips On How to Preserve Wine Properly

If you love drinking a wine, you may want to read this page about preserving white wine in the right way. When you have a bottle of wine that you want to save for a few weeks, you will ensure that the wine is still fresh and delicious.

Some of these tips below can help you preserve the quality of your favourite wine, so you can store this beverage for a long time.


Store Your Wine In A Dim Light

When the wine is exposed to the sunlight excessively, it will build up a heat inside the bottle. As the result, it will accelerate the oxidation process which will lead to the deterioration process.

The UV rays from the sunlight can also hit the wine bottle and cause a bad aroma in the wine. If you are planning to preserve the quality of your wine, you need to keep the light exposure to be at minimum level.

You should store your wine bottle in a dark place which is free from sunlight.


Refrigerate It

Oxygen is the main enemy from storing wine. Once you open the bottle of wine, the oxygen will start interacting with any compounds inside your wine. When the wine is exposed to oxygen for a long time, it will change the composition from time to time.

It will start degrading the quality of the wine and turning some components into vinegar. Cool temperature from the refrigerator can slow down the oxidation process in the wine. A wine fridge can be set around 55 degrees to keep your wine fresh for a long time.


Use A Vacuum Pump For Removing Oxygen

This is another effective way that you can do, especially if you want to reduce oxygen in the wine bottle. Most pump systems usually come with stopper. You can simply insert this stopper to the bottle before you attach the pump to the stopper. This vacuum pump will remove oxygen from the bottle immediately.


Move The Wine To The Smaller Bottle

After you drink a half bottle of your favourite wine, the leftover wine will be exposed to the half bottle of oxygen.

If you want to minimise the exposure to the oxygen, you can move the wine into smaller bottle. You can buy a half bottle (with 150 ml or 375 ml capacity) for storing the leftover wine for the next couple days. However, you need to ensure that you sterilise the bottle before you start using it for storing the leftover wine.


Use Inert Gas

We know that oxygen will be the main enemy for the wine. Therefore, we need to find the best way for removing oxygen from the wine bottle. It is a good idea for you to use an inert gas, such as argon and other gas mixtures.

This inert gas can be very effective to create a protective layer on the wine surface. Once you spray the gas to the bottle, you can put back the cork tightly and refrigerate the wine bottle un an upward position.


Put A Wine Shield To The Wine

A wine shield is a flexible disc with circular shape. You can insert this wine shield to the bottle of wine. This floating wine shield will keep your wine fresh for a couple of days. This disc is made from air bubbles which can let it float on the wine surface. Many wine lovers want to use this wine shield for preserving the quality of their favourite wine.


Buy A Wine Stopper

A wine stopper is usually made from metal or plastic. It can be used to replace the original cork because it can be difficult for you to put the original cork back to the bottleneck.

This wine stopper is chosen because it can create an air-tight seal on your wine bottle. Therefore, you can prevent the oxidation from occurring on your wine.

Preserving the quality of your wine should never have to be a difficult task to do. As long as you can prevent the wine from being exposed to a lot of oxygen, you can preserve your wine for the next few days. You can expect to have the same taste, aroma, and quality of wine for a long time.

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