Mexican Spirits and Liqueurs
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Top 10 Mexican Spirits and Liqueurs

Do you want to know more and explore some of the best spirits and liqueurs from Mexico? Well, this article will provide you the best and top-rated liqueurs in the market.

Perhaps, the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of Mexico as a country is tequila since most of the people, especially the drinkers, are most familiar with it.

However, aside from tequila, there is still so much more which Mexico can offer. This country is a place commonly known for the source of a wide variety of liqueurs.

If you’re planning to have the best Mexican spirits and liqueurs for yourself, then it would be better to have your own research. As number one of Mexican liqueur, you may end up searching for the ideal ones that would be suitable for you.

If you want to narrow down your options pertaining to these products, then you may consider the following top Mexican spirits and liqueurs


1. Aguamiel Tequila

This kind of clear tequila offers a complex but delicate nose. It has an emanating scent of sweet Agave that is emphasized by the fragrance of tropical citrus and fruits. These are also complemented by volcanic minerals and fresh botanicals that provide perfect scents.

This Agave flavor provides from light to medium palate with some vanilla bean and black pepper. These are covered by the sweet distinctions of lemongrass and grill pineapple.

The outcome is warm and clean with spice layers, green vegetables, and white pepper.


2. Codigo 1530-Blanco Silver

This is a winner of BSA 2019 and received an award as the Tequila Producer of the Year. This liqueur is rich in Agave flavor. It provides earthy and mineral character, which stabilizes the sweetness of citrus.

Only matured agaves that are more than seven years are utilized to produce this tequila to make sure that the sugar content of the liqueur will meet the quality of the company.


3. Sunora Bacanora Blanco

This is a simple type of Mexican liqueur with a 100% Agave flavor. It is complex, dry, and peppery on a palate with an earthy and smoky finish.


4. Codigo 1530 Rosa

It starts with the simplicity of Codigo 1530-Blanco. To produce this kind of liqueur, only the premium Napa cabernet white oak barrels are highly considered.

Then, it offers a premium spirit containing an attractive natural color like its taste. Codigo 1530 Rosa rested enough in the cabernet barrels to enhance the natural juice of the Agave.


5. Classico No. 5 Spiced Rum

This type of spiced rum is an early matured in white oak barre. With a great combination of natural spices, it then results to a well-defined color and an intense flavor.


6. Classico No. 2 White Rum Superior

This type of white rum offers a light flavor. It also results to a rum that is in clear amber color since it is matured in oak barrels, just like the Classico no. 5.


7. Classico No. 3 Aged Rum

After a comprehensive selection of barrels and distillates, same with the careful combinations of rums with various times of aging just to find the appropriate stability of flavor and aroma, this kind of run arises because of its complex bouquet and a good woody character.

With this, it is now considered as capable of attaining the level of satisfaction by the drinkers.


8. Maximo Mezcal

This type of liqueur is distilled twice just to make sure that the result will have an extravagant character and will have an outstanding smooth taste, which distinguishes the product from other mezcal types.


9. Codigo 1530-Reposado

The combination of its elegant aging procedures and the purity of the Blanco, Codigo 1530 is produced. This is matured for about six months in the premium type of Napa cabernet French White oak barrels.

This type of tequila offers sweet and bright agave notes plus the complexity of toasted caramel, vanilla, and subtle powdered cocoa.


10. Classico No.1 White Rum Premium

This kind of rum is matured in an Oak barrel that results to a well-defined rum. It has a combination of almond, complex vanilla, and some wood notes.



These are the top-rated liqueurs and spirits which you may know from Mexico. There are some other types of rums and tequilas from the country that could somehow love by some drinkers out there. Feel free to check them out so that you can explore every liqueur that would be nice for you.

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