How To Enjoy Non-Alcoholic Gin
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How To Enjoy Non-Alcoholic Gin

With non-alcoholic gin, you can enjoy any flavour of gin you want– a gin-based cocktail or alcohol-free gin mocktail. Non-alcoholic gin is zero% alcohol, making it inclusive for anybody.

If you have enjoyed non-alcoholic gin, this blog post will help you explore and enjoy them more. If non-alcoholic gin is novel to you, you should join the train and start enjoying non-alcoholic gin.

Right now, you might be wondering– what has made booze-free products burst into the market?
Non-alcoholic gin is a viable option for younger people, people drinking in moderation, and people abstaining from alcohol. Any fan of gin who wants to avoid the hangover from alcoholic gin should go for non-alcoholic gin.

With non-alcoholic gin, anyone can partake in social drinking activities while abstaining from alcohol. There is a wide variety of unique flavoured non-alcoholic gin for your taste bud to explore and enjoy anytime, anywhere, under the rain or sun.


How is Non-Alcoholic Gin Made?

Non-alcoholic gin is made with great ingredients for a better lifestyle. Companies around the UK have presented them in a desirable way to the market. This refreshing choice of gin is now changing the way people celebrate. Non-alcoholic gin gives non-drinkers or those wanting to lower their alcohol consumption a chance to enjoy every good thing about gin without worrying about alcohol effects.

Non-alcoholic gin is an avenue to say good riddance to bloating and hangover headaches, Non-alcohol spirits are made through maceration– botanicals are soaked in a liquid to produce a flavour similar to gin. Non-alcoholic gin is also made identically to low-alcohol spirits. Low-alcohol spirits are made by combining botanicals and neutral grain spirits in a still, then distilled numerous times to extract alcohol. Click here if you want to learn more about how regular gin is made.


How Can You Enjoy A Healthy Non-Alcoholic Gin?

The key to enjoying non-alcoholic gin is to mix it with quality ingredients. Let’s look at two alternative ways to mix and enjoy your non-alcoholic gin.


Non-Alcoholic Gin And Tonic Water

Gin is distilled from malt and grain, and the flavour derived from gin is sourced from varieties of botanicals, spices, and herbs. Tonic water flavour is sweet-bitter with an inkling of citrus. When combined, the result is epic!

To enjoy, start by adding large ice cubes to the cup and add two (2) ounces of your favourite non-alcoholic gin label. Squeeze in the juice of a lime wedge, add four (4) ounces of any quality tonic you like, squeeze in the juice of another lime wedge, stir well, and garnish with a lime slice– preferably.


Non-Alcoholic Gin and Juice Infusion

Citrus fruits are excellent for juice infusion. First, peel off the fruit of your choice– lemon, orange, or grapefruit. Peel to about five inches long peels– you can mix two different citrus fruits. Cut the fruit into equal parts and squeeze it into a bowl with the fruit flesh. After you juice, pour through a sieve to separate the fruit meat.

Add rosemary sprig, juniper berries, and cinnamon/cardamom pods to a vessel, add the peel of different citrus fruits used and pour the filtered juices. Cover the vessel and shake well. You can infuse immediately or store well and infuse overnight or for a few days. Your infused juice could be mixed with sparkling water or non-alcoholic gin with ice and lime. Gin with juice infusion creates special memories. Try it out today!


How To Mix

How do you mix? You are advised to go simple and easy. Remember that the wrong mixer can damage your mixed drink. You can also mix your non-alcoholic gin with an alcohol-free cocktail. Note that non-alcoholic gin has a shorter shelf life because they are free of alcohol.

This means that you have to consume them for a duration of two to three months after opening the bottle. When garnishing, do not mistake using stale lime or ginger. Fresh lime or ginger is a must. Use more giant ice cubes, smaller ones melt faster, and larger ice cubes don’t melt quickly.



This guide has shown you how to enjoy non-alcoholic gin. I assure you that you would love the flavour, taste, and after-taste. Get up from wherever you are, pick a non-alcoholic gin or purchase one, and follow our procedure to mix with juice infusion.

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