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Top 10 European Wine Tasting Holidays for a Wine Connoisseur

Looking for a wine tasting holiday? Why not look at one of these 10 European destinations where the wine alone is more than enough reason to visit.



Italy is full of surprises when it comes to wine culture. The Egyptians first brought wine to the Romans all the way from Perisa. Now, Italy is the world’s largest producer of wine, their staggering 1 million vineyards account for 1 third of the globe’s wine! Head to Italy for the very best!



Up in the hills above nice is where you will find some of France’s smallest vineyards. Although grapes have been grown in France since the roman times, it is the handful of Bellet producers that make this wine so sought after.



Particularly in the Duro Valley, you can spend an entire day on a vineyard. You will be shown the technique before picking up your bucket and some scissors and collecting some grapes of your own, finally you will experience some classic grape stomping.



If you head to Funchal, Madeiras capital, you will find the Old Blandy Wine Lodge which stores 800,000 litres of wine, the lodge offers guided tours, a tasting bar and a vintage sampling room.



The Spanish mainland produces classic Rioja and Cava. While the perfect grape growing conditions in the balearics have seen exquisite wines produced over many centuries.



Austria hosts varieties of grapes that can not be found anywhere else. Not many people know this but Austria’s wine can go up against some of the best in the world. Vienna is also the only European capital that has its own wine region within the city.



Santorini has been a wine producer since ancient times. The Venetian republic took over in the middle ages and the Italian presence is still felt in modern Santorini wine making.



“You can also make wine from grapes” was the dying statement from Malta’s first vineyard owner to his 2 sons, luckily they followed his advice and the standard of wine has dramatically improved since. Grapes are grown beneath the city of Mdina, tasting and tours are available.


Canary Islands

The biggest producer of wine in the Canaries is Tenerife. Its climate and unique geology make it ideal for grape growing. The north east of the island is the main grape growing region and that’s where you will find the best tasting and tours.



The Swiss have their own wine growers festival, located in Vevey; it is a once in a lifetime experience and is actually listed as a UNESCO cultural event. Swiss wine is not exported, this draws an international audience to the festival. The festival does not take place too often, the last time the festival took place was in 1999 so be sure to check the calendar before making any plans!

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