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7 Great Liqueurs To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

Get in the Christmas spirit (no pun intended) with these seven lovely liqueurs.

There’s nothing much better than kicking back with your feet up with a well-earnt Christmas drink, there are so many choices on what tickles your fancy. You may be partial to a glass of whiskey or even a rum.

We believe some drinks though just set the mood of the festive spirit and remind you of all the good days you’ve had around that time.

We are here to bring you some inspiration for some liqueurs for you to indulge in.

Here are seven liqueurs to get you in the Christmas spirit.


Aldi Infusionist Millionaires Shortbread Gin

We can always rely on Aldi to bring the goods without hurting our pocket, this golden liqueur has a very sweet buttery aroma mixed with touches of caramel and shortbread.

You can just smell the richness from it giving it that Christmas feel.

This is for all you sweet tooth lovers out there.

(This currently retails at the price of £8.99)


Marks and Spencers Luxurious Chocolate Salted Caramel Brownie Cream

Just the name of this sounds absolutely fantastic and something that Willy Wonka might have knocked up in his factory!

This amazing cream liquor has the smell of a freshly baked caramel brownie sprinkled with sugar. You will be able to pick up the heartily touches of fresh cocoa and it’s creamy riches on your nose.

(This currently retails at the price of £12)


Lidl Chocolate Orange Gin

Orange and chocolate is a perfect flavour combo around the festive season of 2020.

And Lidl has hit it straight out of the park with this one. With the taste of vanilla, cocoa and that touch of sweet orange, you will find it very hard to hate it!

Lidl currently recommends serving this with a tonic and a little garnish of orange and cinnamon to finish it. We would have to agree with them on this one!

(This currently retails at the price of £18.99)


Baileys Apple Pie Flavour

Of course, Baileys has to make the list of the best liqueurs around Christmas time! This limited edition bottle has arrived just at the perfect time.

The famous Irish cream liqueurs have outdone themselves with this apple pie flavour, a perfect drink with the fire on and a classic Christmas film!

The only downside is it’s very limited edition so when it’s gone, it’s gone. So I’d recommend trying to grab one before they are gone.

(This is only available from the Bottle Club and currently retails at the price of £22.99)


Asda Mince Pie Gin Liqueur

Now it’s not quite Christmas without snacking on a mince pin, is it? But how about it in your drink…

Asda has brilliantly combined that fruity and spicy taste of the mince pie with the flowery flavour of the gin to make an incredible drink.

You may have already tried this liqueur out as it was available last year and had many amazing reviews. Many have recommended it mixes well with lemonade or even apple juice but you could serve it neat with ice.

There are currently no other supermarkets with mince pie gin, which currently makes it one of a kind!

(This currently retails at the price of £10)


Disaronno Velvet Liqueur

And the last on our list, no it’s not another gin! It’s not our fault there are so many good ones.

It’s the Disaronno Velvet Liqueur. Even the white clean bottle is aesthetically beautiful and looks like royalty.

This is a very creamy take upon the usual classic Disaronno amaretto. It has that sweet, creamy, rich aroma that compliments the sweet almond flavour amaretto normally has.

This would be recommended in an Irish coffee as a new twist on it with added flavours.



As always, it’s all down to a matter of opinion. We believe these to be some of the best liqueurs to get you in that Christmas spirit.

So grab yourself a bottle, pour yourself a glass and enjoy. It’s been a long and crazy year no one will blame you!

If you believe we’ve missed any out. Let us know in the comment section below.

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