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The Best Drinking Games To Play Over Zoom

As part of the new normal life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hanging out with your friends and have some happy hours rounds of cold beers is quite impossible as of these days.

So, you may probably see your friends virtually using the internet and your computer.

Of course, drinking with your friends provides more fun than drinking alone in your favorite place. You can personally play your favorite games with your friends while drinking your favorite tequila.

Perhaps, you are quite bored and want to have hangouts with your friends. So, the best way to remove your boredom is to reach them online.

You can make use of some applications like Zoom and have a virtual bonding with your colleagues and friends.

While you are drinking virtually, you may also initiate some drinking games to make your bonding more memorable, which would also bring more excitement to your virtual bonding.

Here are some of the best drinking games to play over Zoom in 2021.

You may choose any of these games which can provide more fun while drinking over this application.


Never Have I Ever

It’s not a prerequisite to be in the same place or room to play this game – Never Have I Ever. This game is more talking about life experiences and laughing about those shit experiences which you have done when reckless and young.

If you have never ever played this game before, the idea is so simple. Every player needs to hold up the ten fingers.

Your friends will go around in a circle, and they will share something which they have never done in the previous days, like for say, go skinny dipping. If the players have done this before, then they will put their finger down, take a shot/drink, and then the game proceeds.

Whoever’s ten fingers go down at the end of the game, then he/or she will be considered as the loser. So, you may feel free to consider this game so that your loser friend will take a shot of beer.

So, be prepared to learn some embarrassing things and experiences about your colleagues and friends.


Would You Rather

This game requires no other accessories from the outside. It’s a type of game that is all about working through some difficult decisions.

You may gather your colleagues and friends online and tell them to prepare a handful of difficult questions, which will make for interesting internal debate.

In this game, every player will share which choice they’d want to choose. The losing team needs to drink. Questions for this game, “Would You Rather”, are great ways to start a conversation in a fun and stimulating way.

It would be easier to get into some conversations by asking “why” after the would you rather questions.

You can get some funny and interesting answers from your friends, and you can also learn from them once they started talking about the question.


Truth or Shots

You might probably have an idea of how this game works. This is just like a Truth or Dare type of game.

However, there’s a twist for this game. Instead of daring, the game will be shifted to shots, which means that your friends will take a drink if ever they will not choose the “truth” option, and the game continues.

So, if you don’t want to share some real stories in your life and would somehow make you confess about something, then the only option that you can do is to take a shot.

The more you choose this option, the higher the chance that you will get drunk.


Drink with Friends

As the name suggests, this game is about drinking with your friends. It is an online board game that allows you and your friends to link in virtual places by using a code like the Jackbox games model has popularized.

Once you are already connected with your friends, you can start to roll a virtual die and have your way on the board while holding your drink.

Each tile has different rules or challenges which you need to follow. The first person who proceeds to the finish line is declared as the winner.

You may also become a loser if you consumed many drinks throughout the entire game.

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