Best Scotch Whiskey of 2020
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The 7 Best Scotch Whiskeys of 2020

There are many great scotch whiskeys out there, here are our favourite of this crazy year.

Whisky is constantly on the rise in popularity, this could be due to the fact of the peaky blinders or more people are starting to appreciate the quality brands are starting to produce at reasonable prices.

It doesn’t matter if you are a whiskey expert who can rattle off names and flavours by memory or a complete novice looking to learn more about the world of whisky. There’s always something to learn and taste.

There are some bottles with such intense flavours that we were happy to discover and now sit on our shelves. We are here to share them with you!


Glen Scotia 45

A beautiful whisky that has been aged for 45 years. You will experience an amazing mixture of flavours with this one with bold coastal elements on the nose, it slowly leads into a crisp green apple and freshly ripe pineapple before you start detecting notes of vanilla, rose and toasted oak.

There is a quite a vicious oily feel in the mouth that coats the tongue with all the fantastic flavours.

This one will set you back a bit as it currently retails at £3,800. This might be worth keeping for special occasions.


The Macallan Estate

A great whisky for the winter due it’s the very comforting and warm aroma that hits your nose with fine touches of wood that reminds you of being in the middle of a forest and a little bit of orange oil.

The taste opens up with dried fruits with banana, sweet lemon and caramel then finish off with a surprising fresh citrus flavour.

This one currently retails at £195.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label

It’s the first appearance you will notice something of smooth caramel. You know it’s going to be good.

Well, that is the case! From the nose, you will get a signature dry smokiness and raisin sweetness. After you’ve appreciated it’s the brilliant nose, the first sip you’ll take you will get a mouthful of honey, hazelnut, sherry, rose petals and even a touch of orange.

As you get further through the glass, you’ll start to detect even more flavours hidden inside the bottle such as dark chocolate, tobacco and wispy aromatic smoke.

This one currently retails at £40.


Mortlach ‘Wee Wit’

An appearance of gold. Its nose is rich and deep which you can already sense of the high quality this whisky is going to be. Once you taste you’ll get a sweet taste which is almost peachy. On the palette, it gives off an almost smoky and a little oak charred element.

When you get on to the mid-palate a lot of different flavours will surprise you from bitter chocolate, marmalade to light tobacco but then it’s balanced by the syrup in it.

On the finish, it’s quite dry with an added bitterness of plum.

This one currently retails at £50.


Wolfburn Langskip

It’s beautiful rich amber colour appearance already sets it apart from your usual scotch whisky. It’s very balanced, sweet and easy-drinking for all people. This whisky also brings a unique richness to the table and a wonderful depth of flavour for you to indulge on.

On the nose, you will detect hints of light oak, dried apples and then aromas of fresh fruit blossom. In the background, you will start to find traces of something that resembles a rich fruit cake and traces of raisins.

Once you’ve experienced the beautiful nose. You’ll be able to taste the wonderful mixture of flavours as they burst on the palette which is very rich and sweet perfect for the festive season. This includes dark chocolate, maple syrup and almonds.

The finish is just as impressive as the start as you will taste nice vanilla then warming last finish of caramel at the end.

This currently retails at £68.



These five scotch whiskeys have really impressed this year with many rave reviews and we agree with them!

If you find yourself looking to buy a bottle for a friend or even try a new bottle look no further than these.

As always these are our opinions and there are many brilliant ones we have probably missed.

If we have missed any, let us know in the comments.

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