Best Gin Brands In The UK
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7 Best Gin Brands in the UK

Gin used to called “mother’s ruin” as it was popular with older ladies. However, in recent times it has gained in popularity right across the years (and genders!). No longer is it considered to be an old person’s drink. In fact, it is so fashionable today that it is worth an estimated 1.9m in the UK alone. No wonder companies are letting their creative juices flow to produce different flavoured gins.


The Oldest Gin in Town

One of the oldest gin-producing distilleries is on the estate of Highclere Castle. If you think you might have heard of that name – you would be right – it was the setting for the award-winning television series (and subsequent film) Downton Abbey.


So, Why Is It Suddenly So Popular?

One of the reasons gin is so popular today is the sheer versatility of it. It can be paired up with many cocktails or other infusions. In fact, you can add just about anything to gin, all it takes is imagination. The fact that companies are producing flavoured gin means you don’t even need to reach for accompaniments – simply pour and enjoy.


7 Gin Brands Taking The UK By Storm

Of course, every company will say their brand is the best, and who can argue, as it all comes down to unique taste and personal preference. However, here are some companies that are experts at creating just the right combination of taste, quality and infusion. Top of the shop is an old favourite:



This is a well-loved brand that has dominated the scene for some time. Gordon’s continues to create quality gin with winning taste combinations.


Bombay Sapphire

This is produced by Bacardi, a company renowned for great rum, so it is no surprise it is branching out and making waves in the gin industry.



This virtual newcomer is the fastest growing company and produces excellent individual cocktails, but the recipes are top secret!



Beefeater has been around for a long time and the pink strawberry that was created in the last couple of years seems to be a real hit.


Monkey 47

This wonderfully infused gin will get your juices flowing. It has 47 botanicals that are included in the distillation process, including elderflower and blackberry leaves.


Mermaid Gin

This is a firm favourite for the socialite. Not only is the bottle design cool and sexy, but the contents are lush. It is a combination of sweet and spicy and once tried will want you reaching for more.



Hendricks has had some interesting experimentation – including summer solstice and moon inspired gin.

This is only a small hand-picked list of some of the best gin brands UK; there are literally hundreds of other brands to pick and choose from – and of course you may have your own firm favourite. So, whether you want to mix your own gin or whether you love the recipes created by the big distilleries, you are onto a winner. All this talk of gin has made me thirsty – gin and tonic anyone?

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