Drinking Wine Every Night
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7 Great Reasons to Drink Wine Every Night

If you’re someone who is looking for an excuse to drink a couple of glasses of wine each night, here’s 7 (reasons not glasses)

In addition to bringing out your fun side, drinking red wine every night has some very interesting health benefits.

Many studies have explored the benefits of moderate red wine consumption, and the guys over at Oregon State College of Agricultural studies observed some of the best ones in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

If you don’t enjoy reading biochemistry journals, we have listed some of their best findings and put it into words you can understand.


Protection Against Alzheimers

The antioxidant resveratrol shows an ability to defend cells from damage and block the effects of age related mental decline.


Your New Exercise Routine

The actual act of moving the glass to your lips may only burn a calorie, the main benefits yet again come from resveratrol which has been shown to improve strength and physical performance. It also shows similar cardiovascular enhancements to proper exercise. However the benefits are limited so it is not a good idea to cancel your gym membership!


Helps Fight Cancer

Although researchers are not too sure how, an active antioxidant in red wine called quercetin works against cancer cells. It assists in inducing natural cell death in some types of cancers, specifically colon cancer.


The Answer to Eternal Youth

Compared to people who drink Vodka or Beer, people that drink red wine daily have a 34% lower mortality rate. Many researchers believe that a diet rich in polyphenols has the ability to fight chronic diseases, red wine has a higher concentration than a lot of foods.


A Better Heart

A recent study shared the results of a group of 224 participants who all drank 5oz of either red wine, mineral water, or dry white wine with dinner for 2 years. The study found that the red wine drinkers had increased their levels of good HDL cholesterol and had a more beneficial cholesterol ratio compared to the people who drank water.


A Better Time in The Bedroom

Red wine increases the blood flow to some quite specific personal areas of the body. A study proved that women that drank more than 2 glasses each day had a significantly higher sex drive compared to those who don’t drink. While in men it found that 2 glasses of red wine each day increases testosterone levels.


Improving Your Mood

5505 people participated in a study that found consuming a moderate amount of alcohol was strongly linked to a lower risk of depression. The study found that between two and seven glasses per week had the greatest results.

Be sure to keep things in moderation, increasing the amount of alcohol consumed will not always increase the benefits found in the studies. Nearly all of the studies found that high alcohol intake has dangers, so it is important to keep things in moderation.

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