Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks
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6 Of The Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks

Most people see drinking as unhealthy, but is it? Of course massive amounts of alcohol and binge drinking can be extremely dangerous, but drinking in moderation can actually have some surprising health benefits.

You’ll hear of people who cut out alcohol when trying to lose weight or get healthy, but it isn’t always necessary. Here is a list of the 6 healthiest drinks.



The natural sugar found in tequila won’t raise your blood sugar levels as they are non digestible so it acts like fibre. That’s not the only good thing about the sugar found in tequila, it will also help lower your cholesterol and can actually help you lose weight.


Red Wine

Polyphenols, resveratrol and quercetin are the active compounds found in red wine, these have been found to improve the health of your heart. Research has also found red wine slows the process of glucose getting to your bloodstream. However you should note in the end all wine turns to sugar which is not good for you so be sure to drink in moderation.



Not the most popular drink amongst youngsters, but it should be! Rum has been found to enhance mental health and if drank in moderation it can help reduce anxiety.



If you’re looking for a liquor to fight a cold, try taking a shot of whisky, it should do the trick. Whisky contains elegiac acid, which has been found to fight cancers as it absorbs bad cells. As well as fighting off disease, whiskey also contains as many antioxidants as a glass of wine!



The only thing better than a glass of Rose on a summer evening is the health benefits it provides! The polyphenols found in rose have been found to prevent atherosclerosis, a big contribution to heart disease.



Bubbly? Yes please! There are great benefits to drinking champagne, it has been found to improve your memory and also enhance the quality of your skin, both of which I think we can all use a bit of help with from time to time!

So next time you’re having a drink keep this list in mind. If you’re on a health kick, choose a drink off the list and you can call it health improvement! But always remember the health benefits only work if you drink in moderation.

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