5 Gin and Food Pairings
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5 Gin Pairings You Must Try

Is your wedding anniversary coming up? You are organising a big surprise birthday party for your sister and have no idea what kind of liquor you will serve to your guests? Do you want to invite a girl to dinner and surprise her with a tasty and exciting liquor cocktail that will awaken her senses?

Whether you are in one of these scenarios or not, the solution to all your questions has a name – whixch is Gin.

Since time immemorial, we humans have developed and perfected the habit of combining food with liquor, which sometimes can be a real hit or a real miss; it all depends on the formula you use.

The Gin-tonic is one of the most famous drinks in the world, being compatible with all types of foods as long as you know how to choose an appropriate combination of flavours.

All wines are valid for all meals? No, right? Well, the same goes for gin cocktails. There is one for each type of food and getting to know them and learning how to put them into practice will be your mission.

Below, to help you in your work we are going to list the five best gin pairings at the moment. So that when you preside over the party and raise your glass, everyone will be amazed by the taste of your drink. Take note!


McQueen Citrus Gin With Smoked Salmon

If you want to surprise your guest with a bold mix of flavours, don’t hesitate to try combining the spectacular and incomparable McQueen sweet gin with citrus flavours along with a delicious spicy smoked salmon.

On the one hand, we have the combination of citrus that this type of gin presents: kaffir lime, grapefruit and lemongrass. Of course, from that mixture of flavours so fresh the lemongrass will be the one that will monopolize most of the flavour you receive in your mouth, so be prepared to receive an explosion of acidity and bitterness in your tongue when you drink it.

However, to counteract so much acidity we have the smoked salmon, which must be cooked with just the right amount of spices and salt, otherwise it would be too strong and its flavour along with that of the citrus gin would be too much and would ruin all the fun. Of course, this combination of flavours will make your guests or your partner cheer up immediately. Try it!


Tandoori Scallops with Tanqueray

You’re probably thinking that combining gin with a dish as spicy and peculiar as Tandoori Scallops is completely crazy, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that this culinary dish has always been characterised by all kinds of spices that give it a strong and spicy flavour, but there are also ways to make it lighter in order to combine it with some exquisite liquors such as Tanqueray.

Those who have tasted it assure that it is an authentic marvel and an explosion of flavours that can hardly be surpassed, but how is it possible to achieve it? It is very simple. Try reducing the spiciness of the scallops while combining it with a glass of gin flavourer with hints of lemon and orange. The result will be a very balanced explosion of fresh and spicy flavours that you and your guests will love. Try it now!


Crispy Chicken Wings With Dry Gin Plymouth

Chicken wings are a dish that everybody usually likes and almost any kind of liquor suits them. However, there are many who try to eat them with gin and think that they are completely incompatible flavours, but this is not really the case; it all depends on what type of gin we use for the pairing.

To make this marriage work, what we have to do is combine the crunchy and logically spicy flavours provided by the wings with the mixture of sweet and citrus flavours provided by the Plymouth Dry Gin, which contains an exquisite mixture of cardamom, juniper, lemon and sweet orange that will delight the most exotic and daring flavours.

With this combination we will manage to bring to the mouth spicy, sweet and sour touches, all at once! Do not hesitate to put it into practice and you will be surprised!


Meat and Honey Balls With Beefeater 24

Most people think that the combination of sweet and bitter flavours could never work out, but the truth is that in certain cases and if you know how to apply each flavour correctly, a satisfactory and surprising result is also possible.

An example of this is trying to combine a delicious dish of meatballs seasoned with honey with a little Beefeater 24, the result? An explosion of flavours that mix the sweetness of honey and the spices of the meat, together with the bitter taste of liquorice and citrus fruits of Beefeater 24.

Without a doubt, a challenge that will make you enjoy like never before!


Roast beef With Monkey 47

A good dish of roast meat seasoned with all kinds of species always a delicacy that we all want to enjoy. However, it is possible to combine the sweet and spicy flavours of this meat with the bitter and citrus flavours of gin? Yes, if we know what kind of gin to use for it.

Monkey 47 gin is the best candidate for this, since it has a spectacular mix of flavours that include: cardamom, ligonberry, sweet licorice, Jupiter and some very subtle floral touches.

If we mix all this with the spices of the meat and its juice, the result will be nothing but an explosion of freshness and sweetness in equal parts in our language. Don’t hesitate to try it!

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